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Question for Writers #6


Picture Prompt #2

I think this plays as not only a great starting point for a story, but also as a great writing exercise, especially for characterisation.

How to get going

  • Take a look at this photo, and pick one person as a writing point for your story.
  • Look at the expressions? What emotions do they hold? Does this help with what tone to write in?
  • What are they doing in this crowd? Do they feel comfortable?
  • Do they blend in with the crowd? Are they here alone or with someone.
  • Whose point of view are you going to write it in?

Share Your Work: 250 words

  • For a challenge, reply below with your response to the picture with a 250 word limit

To download the complete set of prompts and ideas so far, click here: Prompts and Ideas (it’s safe!)

Your Character’s Novel Worthiness

Any character in your story is there to serve a purpose. It could be:

  • To make the story world look more realistic
  • To add emotion
  • To give a clue
  • To add humour
  • To help the main character/To oppose the main character
  • To add conflict
Kurt Vonnegut wrote, ‘Every character should want something, even if it is only a glass of water.’

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