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Kim Lee: On the Art of Creating Characters

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I lean back in my chair and close my eyes. The clock ticks endlessly, but that’s fine. It helps my concentration. Something like a giant screen unfolds in the darkness. Smiling, I paint the scene. Everything is in place; the flora and the fauna, the sticks and stones. Bricks and mortar, fire or ice. Whatever I need to be there, is there. But there is something missing. Whether I’ve created a small town, or a space flight, a bedroom or a garden, the missing element remains the same. The scene is missing people. Characters. Those beings that will bring the whole thing to life.

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Picture Prompt #5

How to get going

  • Take a look at this poster, and look at the message on the sign and the setting behind it
  • Who has written the message? Why? What has happened to this place?
  • What sort of place does this road lead to now?

Share Your Work: 250 words

  • For a challenge, reply below with your response to the picture with a 250 word limit

To download the complete set of prompts and ideas so far, click here: Prompts and Ideas (it’s safe!)

Flash Fiction: Holding On

The Monday morning light glimmered off the chandelier and the birds sang in its arrival. A new day. My eyes were not even accustomed to the light before I thought of Gary, and the sun’s rays suddenly seemed mocking and sinful. I dropped my head back onto the pillow and groaned, pulling up the covers over my face not knowing whether it was because I couldn’t face the brightness in the room, or the truth that he was dead.

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Your Character’s Novel Worthiness

Any character in your story is there to serve a purpose. It could be:

  • To make the story world look more realistic
  • To add emotion
  • To give a clue
  • To add humour
  • To help the main character/To oppose the main character
  • To add conflict
Kurt Vonnegut wrote, ‘Every character should want something, even if it is only a glass of water.’

Knowing Your Story Ingredients

When you’re unsure of what type of story you want to write, or you need a guideline to keep yourself in line, give a go at filling the following in, 1 being none of the element, and 10 being full of it.

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