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Kim Lee: On the Art of Creating Characters

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I lean back in my chair and close my eyes. The clock ticks endlessly, but that’s fine. It helps my concentration. Something like a giant screen unfolds in the darkness. Smiling, I paint the scene. Everything is in place; the flora and the fauna, the sticks and stones. Bricks and mortar, fire or ice. Whatever I need to be there, is there. But there is something missing. Whether I’ve created a small town, or a space flight, a bedroom or a garden, the missing element remains the same. The scene is missing people. Characters. Those beings that will bring the whole thing to life.

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Reader’s Judge a Book by a Title: Revamp and Infographic

Trying out my new found obsession (infographics) first hand, hope you enjoy!

Readers Judge a Book By Its Title

Sometimes your title may inspire a whole novel, sometimes you could have polished your story for the final time but still be struggling to find a fitting name. Some people enjoy thinking of the title at the beginning, some writers leave this task till last. Whatever it is, the title of a story plays a crucial part in enticing a reader into reading your book. Readers will judge whether to read your book by its title.

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Character Interview

There is really no right way to do it. You don’t even have to do it. It all depends on whether you want to plan beforehand and whether you’re struggling to fully understand your character.

A lot of the following fields don’t have to be filled in, just think about it. For example, the number of siblings – if you know it’s two, then that’s fine, no need to write it for the sake of it. Some of these things may not even be relevant to you, it really depends on the story, so be selective.

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