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Titles That Could Lead to the Next Best Thing #4

  • There and Back Again
  • Wish Me Luck
  • Someone, Somewhere
  • Being Wrong
  • Second Place


I am a firm believer that writing is an art. Writing is also a very vague term as it is such a broad hobby. Do you write non-fiction, flash fiction, short stories, novellas, novels, epics or poetry? Do you read fantasy sagas, self-help articles or abstract anthologies? We all have our comfort zones, but experimentation is key for a writer. Why? Because by dabbing into another genre, you will acquire so many new skills that even if you do not like the genre itself, you will come back a much more experienced writer.

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Knowing Your Story Ingredients

When you’re unsure of what type of story you want to write, or you need a guideline to keep yourself in line, give a go at filling the following in, 1 being none of the element, and 10 being full of it.

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