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Making the Reader Care

Your story will tell the journey of at least one important character, and your reader will embark on that journey with them. And although your character does not have the choice of abandoning that journey, your reader does, so you have to ensure that the thought never crosses their mind. So what sort of things do you have to do to ensure your reader always turns the pages?

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A Misunderstood Piece of Advice: Write What You Know

Write what you know.

It seems simple at first glance. But that’s where most people go wrong. Try not to take this piece of advice literally. It simply won’t do your imagination any favours. If JRR Tolkein took this advice literally, where would be one of the most famous wizards of them all? If reporters all followed this advice literally, then who would tell us all the news stories?

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Lights, Camera, Action: Beginning a Scene

Every part of a scene counts, but the beginning is where it all starts. How do you get your character interested? How do you set the stage? How do you write an epic start?

The first rule is that every scene has to contribute to the plot and idea of the story in some way – but in a way that gives your reader an experience. So the first question you have to ask yourself is, what is the most important piece of information that needs to be revealed in the scene? Then have a look below to see which way suits best.

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