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A Misunderstood Piece of Advice: Write What You Know

Write what you know.

It seems simple at first glance. But that’s where most people go wrong. Try not to take this piece of advice literally. It simply won’t do your imagination any favours. If JRR Tolkein took this advice literally, where would be one of the most famous wizards of them all? If reporters all followed this advice literally, then who would tell us all the news stories?

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Why Give Up When You Can Write a Masterpiece?

The hardest obstacle I’ve come across as a writer is determination. It’s very easy to abandon what you once thought would be ‘the best story ever’. You get distracted by the telly, you get distracted by another book, you get distracted by another idea. You get worried about the quality of your work and you lose the inspiration you had when you first thought of your idea. It’s all natural. But it can be conquered.

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