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Books on the Art of Writing #1

I had always thought, how can books really teach me writing? There are no rules, no set structure, nothing rigid, but that was a naive thought.  I have collected some fifty books on the art of writing. Okay, I haven’t read through them all yet, but every one of these books has offered my something so valuable that I feel like a much more experienced writer by just reading it!

The Art of War for Writers

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From the Experts: Writers Tips #2

James Scott Bell

From ‘The Art of War for Writers’ by James Scott Bell

If you are a “character-driven” writer, spend an extra 10 percent of your writing time ratcheting up the action. How can the events of the story be made more threatening, suspenseful, fresh? If you are more on the “plot-driven” side, spend 10 percent of your writing time going deeper into the emotions of the character, how she is reacting to the events, how they threaten her inner well-being.

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