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Titles That Could Lead to the Next Best Thing #4

  • There and Back Again
  • Wish Me Luck
  • Someone, Somewhere
  • Being Wrong
  • Second Place

Opening with a Whopper #1

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Harvey,” she said to me.

She never did.

* * *

How to get going

  • A good story beginning needs to introduce character, conflict, story world and set a tone, let these opening lines help you develop such a start
  • Why did she never see Harvey?
  • Who was this woman to Harvey?

Share your work

  • For a challenge, reply your response in the comment box in 250 words
To download the complete set of prompts and ideas so far, click here: Prompts and Ideas (it’s safe!)

Creating Characters: #1

Characters are great beginning points to creating a story, because their life, their virtues, their flaws, their relationships and their opposition can develop into a whole journey for your reader to follow. Pick one of the three characters and write an interior monologue, a day in their shoes or a meeting with one of the other characters in the set. It will really help you to practice and develop characterisation skills.

Share Your Work: 250 words

  • For a challenge, reply below with your response to the picture with a 250 word limit

To download the complete set of prompts and ideas so far, click here: Prompts and Ideas (it’s safe!)

Premise for Plots #3: I’m Not Dead

A week after a close friends funeral you receive a postcard that says, ‘I’m not dead’

A Question for Writers #3

Premise for Plots #2

Stuck for writing ideas? Use the following idea as a spark for inspiration – change the point of view, create a character, situation and conflict, strike up any genre that suits and keep developing and writing!

Your character is walking past a phone box when the phone inside rings. Curiously, your character turns but sees the booth is empty. When it rings the second time, your character cannot help but pick it up…

Click below to download the complete set of prompts of ideas so far (it’s safe!)

Prompts and Ideas

Explode With Ideas

Perhaps my absolutely favourite part of writing is coming up with an idea. A very common question is how?

Some ideas come after days of intense thinking, linking words with plots, characters with feelings, and conflict with resolutions, and some come more simply than imagined, but I think being a writer is about being on the go, always aware, always imagining, always inspired about the things around.

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