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Motivational Muses #10

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep

Scott Adams


A Writer’s Gem; A Writer’s Notebook

It’s not an essential. Nothing is exactly essential for a writer, because remember, there are no rules. However, there are things you should try, and then figure out whether they are write for you.

A writer’s notebook is where all you brilliant imagination and creativity is imprinted for the sake of your memory. Notice I say ‘brilliant imagination and creativity’ – as useless as an idea may seem to you, write it down. Your ┬ábrain may link it to a new character, a new plot, and voila, you have a premise for your next story. I find this one of the hardest things to understand, but as time goes on, it proves more true, as I hope you will realise too.

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