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Inspiring Blog Award


It would only be unfair to begin this without thanking the people that have given me this award. Firstly ArabWriterChick, and I’m only very happy for her for receiving this award herself. Her poetry is exquisite and effortless and never fails to amaze me. As an (wanna-be) aspiring poet myself, I love reading her work.

Secondly, David McGowan has also given me the Very Inspiring Blog Award. This is the second one from him, and I’m utterly grateful for his support. His blog is a must read – not only does he give realistic tips for writers old and new, but following his journey in the publication of his books is fun to read. I wish him every success!

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Woah — What? 100 Followers? Woohoo!

And thus is the time for a celebratory happy dance, and enormous thanks to all the followers of WriteNow. Blogging, albeit, a new part of my life, has so far been a wonderful experience, and through trying to encourage other aspiring writers, I’ve come in contact with some brilliantly passionate people who enjoy this hobby as much as I.

So, thank you to all the followers, people who have liked and commented on my posts and people who continue to post such helpful articles on writing that help me in return. I hope WriteNow continues to do justice for aspiring writers 😀


The Versatile Blogger Award

I’ll begin by saying, as I did in my comment at David’s blog, that this was a shocker! Having tried and failed at blogging many a time, I must say that, without being too cheesy, that hard work pays off. Being committed to this blog for only a few weeks now, David McGowan has very kindly nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award.

Check out his blog to delve yourself into a world of great writing posts, not without a touch of humour and a load of assistance for any writer out there: http://davidmcgowanauthor.com/

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