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A Writer’s Gem; A Writer’s Notebook

It’s not an essential. Nothing is exactly essential for a writer, because remember, there are no rules. However, there are things you should try, and then figure out whether they are write for you.

A writer’s notebook is where all you brilliant imagination and creativity is imprinted for the sake of your memory. Notice I say ‘brilliant imagination and creativity’ – as useless as an idea may seem to you, write it down. Your ┬ábrain may link it to a new character, a new plot, and voila, you have a premise for your next story. I find this one of the hardest things to understand, but as time goes on, it proves more true, as I hope you will realise too.

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To the beginning writer…

So you want to start writing stories? My advice follows…

Don’t jump straight into the deep end

I always remind people to think of writing a novel like a marathon, and yourself as an athlete. You can just write 26.2 miles through London, you have to practice, complete the smaller races, know the skills and how to be successful. Very much the same with writing – write the shorter stories, know what makes good writing, set yourself daily goals and be committed to your work.

Try and begin writing stories with 1,000 words, then 5,000, 10,000, 20,000 and keep moving up the ranks when your comfortable.

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