For Aspiring Writers


The internet is filled of weird and wonderful places and this applies no less for the world of writing.

Here are some of my favourite writing sites

Ten Rules for Writing Fiction by Various Authors on The Guardian website

A load of cheat sheets from the ‘How to…for Dummies’ publisher, summarising the key points for Creative Writing

‘I Write Like’ tells you which famous author you write like

The Books and Authors section on Yahoo! Answers is like another home for me. Without it, I wouldn’t be the writer I am today. The users there often a ton of advice – if your stuck on your plot ideas, want critiques on short excerpts, want to expand your literary knowledge or discuss your opinions about the literary world, post here.

Here are some of my favourite writing blogs on WordPress – and I assume I’ve only discovered a mere fraction of them!

For the best writing prompts, updated every day of the week, visit Writer’s Block Busters (http://helpfromcyranette.wordpress.com/)

For some of the coolest, most original and most interesting articles on writing, visit the storytelling nomad (http://storytellingnomad.wordpress.com/)

To follow the journey of an aspiring writer that will help you with your own path, visit A Serendipitous Happenstance (http://aserendipitoushappenstance.wordpress.com/)

For one of the most visited blogs about every aspect of writing you can imagine, visit Sara Flower‘s blog (http://saraflower.wordpress.com/)

To help overcome the obstacles you face as a writer, visit WritingStruggles (http://writingstruggles.com/)

For one of the best, in depth blogs about the elements of writing and not without a touch of humour, visit The Flores Factor (http://floresfactor.wordpress.com/)

For a great site that answers some of the most important writing questions, and with a ton of advice, click on novels form the ground up (http://novelsgroundup.wordpress.com/)

Christi Corbett’s blog is best if you’re looking for a different tangent on writing, a real personal perspective on books and the best writing quotes (http://christicorbett.wordpress.com/).

The Write Life follows the journey of an aspiring writer working towards being published and that’s not without the writing advice and experiences she has encountered herself (http://janeswritelife.wordpress.com/)


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