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The Hunter Inside – Oh yes, it’s worth a read

A much overdue review, I humbly apologise to David McGowan!

The Hunter Inside

A lot of crime, thriller and suspense fiction I’ve read falls under the category of a detective being the protagonist, or a helpless involved party taking the lead. So reading The Hunter Inside was a breath of fresh air – at least when it was not being breathtaking!

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Kim Lee: On the Art of Creating Characters

Click here to visit Kim Lee’s blog ‘Writers for Life’

I lean back in my chair and close my eyes. The clock ticks endlessly, but that’s fine. It helps my concentration. Something like a giant screen unfolds in the darkness. Smiling, I paint the scene. Everything is in place; the flora and the fauna, the sticks and stones. Bricks and mortar, fire or ice. Whatever I need to be there, is there. But there is something missing. Whether I’ve created a small town, or a space flight, a bedroom or a garden, the missing element remains the same. The scene is missing people. Characters. Those beings that will bring the whole thing to life.

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Guest Post: Kim Lee: My Writing Journey

I approached Kim Lee less than a fortnight ago to ask if she could write a guest post for WriteNow. I had only been following her for a few days, but her passion for writing seeped through every word and her maturity and confidence to writing was amazing. Visit her blog here. And without further ado, I present to you Kim Lee’s journey as a writer through her own words:

Kim Lee

As a kid in elementary school, I had all kinds of dreams. I wrote, often, but I didn’t think of it as a career. I wanted to be a pilot, a chef, an architect. For a while, I even dreamed of being a basketball player. By the time I entered high school, I had other thoughts. I still wanted to be an architect, and I had definitely developed skills with computers and the Internet. But I wanted to be a counselor, or a psychiatrist. At that point, what I wanted to be was no longer clear to me. I silently wondered if that was normal. It seemed nearly everyone I knew was sure that they wanted to be this and would be studying that. But I couldn’t decide. Puzzled and perplexed, I picked up an empty notebook …and began to write.

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An Interview with a Writer #3

It’s only obvious to begin introducing our next guest for an interview on WriteNow with a congratulations! David McGowan has successfully published ‘The Hunter Inside’ that is now available for the Kindle on Amazon. David posts authentic articles on his blog that couldn’t reflect a truer portrayal of a writers life by sharing his experience, giving tips and simply making you feel like another writer out there feels the same. Click here to visit his blog.

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An Interview with a Writer #2

Having learnt wonderful tips, exploring the experiences of and having the joy of interacting with another write, WL Rains, this week I’ve now had the pleasure of asking a few questions to Sara Flower, another writer, whose blog you can see here. Her blog has set off for all the right reasons – great advice, perfect interaction, interesting perceptions on writing and an inviting tone to all her posts.

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An Interview with an Aspiring Writer #1

It’s always a pleasure to meet other aspiring writers. It’s been a pleasure to have come in contact with WL Rains, whose blog you can read here. Her blog follows her journey as a writer, her thoughts and musings of her experience an abundance of friendliness and advice to be taken.

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