For Aspiring Writers

Books on the Art of Writing #4

The Five Minute Writer by Margaret Geraghty


What the book offers

Some writing prompts I’ve seen around the internet can just be way too wacky, but these prompts get you to think outside the box, and take your skills to a new level of creativity. The best thing with these exercises is that you can try them again and again and have a completely different outcome each time. This book will last you a life time, and show how you grow over the years as a writer!

Before it each exercise, it offers a short introduction that explains the exercise in context to writing; its significance and how to tackle it best.

Who should read this

This book is perfect for a writer at any stage – even a writer stuck in writers block. It’s a stimulation to get you going for the writing day – it’ll get you ‘in the zone’. It’s a refreshing alternative to the project you’re getting frustrated with, and it might even spark some new ideas. And it’s a learning tool too. Each exercise will tackle a particular element of writing, or even more than one. Fun and educational. What more can you want?

Sneak Peek

Five Minute Writer Sneak Peek




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One thought on “Books on the Art of Writing #4

  1. Hey, you’re back and blogging again!

    I’ve never read The Five Minute Writer, but it looks like a useful tool.

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