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Becoming an Effective Writer

It’s evident to say writer’s write. But the difference between writing and being a writer is that writer’s produce. They produce finished stories, finished articles, finished poems and so on. They produce and they deliver.

Sometimes it’s hard to get to grips and just focus on a project. So follow these few simple guidelines and see how far you get:

  • Allocate time proportionally…and stick to it – this means spending a fifth of your time doing research, two fifths of your time planning and two fifths of your time writing – not necessarily in those proportions, but what I mean to say is don’t spend more time than you need. It’s easy to get carried away with the fun stuff or with the details, but see the fine line between have to and think you have to
  • Don’t overwhelm yourself – oh my god, look at that list of things you have to do – you still have to find your character’s surname and give their house an address, you need to find a brilliant turning point, you need to do cover art for your book, write a blurb, find a nicer way to describe the weather…calm down. Your first aim is to write a story. Sometimes I write an entire story by calling my character John or Jane Doe. Focus big, then work your way closer and closer to the details – in that order!
  • Goals and aims – this one ties with the previous point. When you set yourself goals and aims, be realistic and don’t give yourself too much pressure. Give yourself one goal a week or one goal a month if that’s what keeps you going. To write chapters 4 and 5 might be your goal for this week. And that will give you space to breath.

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2 thoughts on “Becoming an Effective Writer

  1. “Focus big, then work your way closer and closer to the details – in that order!” I love that advice. This post breaks writing down into manageable parts which makes it seem less overwhelming. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the advice. In honour of everyone taking part in NaNoWriMo, I am making my own effort outside of its rules. I allocate the time to research and write, write 2 pages a day so I am not overwhelmed, and post one scene a day to my blog as my aim =)

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