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The Hunter Inside – Oh yes, it’s worth a read

A much overdue review, I humbly apologise to David McGowan!

The Hunter Inside

A lot of crime, thriller and suspense fiction I’ve read falls under the category of a detective being the protagonist, or a helpless involved party taking the lead. So reading The Hunter Inside was a breath of fresh air – at least when it was not being breathtaking!

Switching points of view multiple times is a risk for a writer, but not so much when you’re David McGowan. He handled this magnificently well, and within sentences I was able to identify with each new character being weaved into this dark, heart stopping novel.

Four characters who have no reason to be together are forced in an apocalyptic situation, when a fear-thriving, vicious hunter craves their lives. This plot also throws in the supernatural element of the hunter, and plays on wonderfully a old Chinese myth Paul Wayans, one of the targets, finds about Shimasou … which turns out to be a little more than a horror story his grandmother used to tell him.

McGowan crafts together some very real characterisation and dialogue, and scores highly in my books for using tone and atmosphere so well. There are also some wonderful little details and scenes that make you lean forward in your chair – oh the way I screamed internally as Paul Wayans and Bill Arnold crossed paths for the first time!

Happy endings are unreal. Unhappy endings tugs at the heart for days for reasons my mental health would do better without. And so thankfully David ends on a bittersweet close, and one that beckons me to read his follow-up.

Click here to visit David McGowan’s website for more on his books and tips on being a better writer


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