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Motivational Muses #18


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5 thoughts on “Motivational Muses #18

  1. I’m finding this problem today. I was too busy to get into my book over the weekend, and I’ve lost the momentum I had on Friday. Pushing through…

    • It is really hard to keep up the momentum, but what I’ve realised is even if you get something down and even though it may not be up to standard, it can always be improved, but if you don’t get anything done, then there’s no progression 🙂

      Thanks for your comment, and I’m sure you’ll pick up the momentum soon enough!

      ~ Jay

  2. Where the heck is my muse. At your place?

  3. I believe I need to print out this picture and hang it over my desk. I haven’t written in a while and, although I still have the itch to put words onto a page, it just seems so daunting right now. Thank you for this picture of inspiration. 🙂

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