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Books on the Art of Writing #3

Schaum’s Quick Guide to Writing Great Short Stories by Margaret Lucke

What the book offers

Exactly what it says on the tin…I mean, cover. This is one of the most easiest books I’ve read on writing, and it’s so quick to coming on the point, without all the fancy details on the side. It covers every aspect from major ones such as conflict and character, but also more subtle one such as setting and narrative voice (which is a brilliant, brilliant chapter). It will help to make your writing more developed and fulfilling, and with exercises at the end of every chapter, you know what to do, with the aid of some very helpful tipsheets.

After the end of all the talk about writing, there is also a very helpful chapter on what to do once you’ve finished your story and are ready for publishing, including how to format your manuscript.

Who should read this

Novelists might just turn around and say, ‘I don’t really write short stories’. I would’ve done that too a year ago, but writing short stories is one of my new found passions and it’s equally as fulfilling. It helps create such a particular mood or deliver a particular message, sometimes it’s also pretty therapeutic or fun. So I recommend this book for all writers alike, because you may just discover a new interest. It’s a book on short stories in general, focusing on all elements rather than one, so bare that in mind too.

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7 thoughts on “Books on the Art of Writing #3

  1. Thanks for the book recommendation. The reason I haven’t posted anything recently is I am struggling to write something in a particular voice and point of view that I can relate to. Sounds like this book my just be a place to get some help.

    • I was looking out for a new blog post of yours on my Reader page and truthfully did wonder why there hadn’t been one. Glad you think this book will help, I definitely think so too, it’s informative yet creative and idea provoking too.

      Thanks for re-blogging and hope you get back in your writing buzz, although if I can offer some piece of advice, just write anything. Write an old dream you had or a childhood memory or an acquittance with a stranger, just to get in the zone 🙂

      ~ JLT

      • Jay,
        Thanks for the pep talk; just what I needed. I kind of gotten discouraged a bit, with trying to find something that interest me to write about and at the same time find a voice to write it in. That struggle has what’s stymied me. Nothing seemed good enough or interesting.
        Thanks again; and I’ll have another post soon; even if it’s about this.

  2. Reblogged this on Thoughts From A Closet Author and commented:
    Thanks for the recommendation and book review; very timely as far as I’m concerned. Looks like something I could use about now.

  3. Reblogged this on This Page Intentionally Blank and commented:
    In honor of Intergalactic Short Story Writing Month, here is a great little blog post that reviews a nice little resource. Check it out. I’m off to find the book.

  4. Rob Owens on said:

    Thanks for the Sneak Peak – how wonderful! Thank you, thank you!

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