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Motivational Muses #17


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5 thoughts on “Motivational Muses #17

  1. Love that! It’s so true. And the people I know that live their lives trying to avoid criticism are the most unfulfilled, frustrated, and scared people I know. I just wanna say “screw what everyone else thinks, do what you want!”

    • I agree! Criticism is inevitable – even if you do your best to avoid it. Constructive criticism will better your life (and your writing) and negative criticism can just be ignored, simple as! 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

  2. It’s not easy, but when you’re a writer, you have to just move on, keep writing and keep your quiet. Not good to try to defend yourself, although tempting. The first negative review I received for my novel was tough. I had a great rebuttal, but just tried to let it go.

    • I completely agree, I also remember getting my first negative review, and although I was angry at first, I’m glad I’ve come to understand what negative reviews mean and how to make them positive instead. Defending ourselves come so naturally, but when it comes to critic, it’s best to try and detach yourself from personal emotions to your work. Thanks for your comment 🙂

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