For Aspiring Writers

Picture Prompt #5

How to get going

  • Take a look at this poster, and look at the message on the sign and the setting behind it
  • Who has written the message? Why? What has happened to this place?
  • What sort of place does this road lead to now?

Share Your Work: 250 words

  • For a challenge, reply below with your response to the picture with a 250 word limit

To download the complete set of prompts and ideas so far, click here: Prompts and Ideas (it’s safe!)


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4 thoughts on “Picture Prompt #5

  1. The words look like they were written in blood. After glancing at it for a few moments, the word “us” begins to look like “U.S.”. Or is it just me. I like the picture. Really seems to capture the zeitgeist of the times. Maybe it was written in lipstick.

  2. I always like your inspirational post, saying to myself oh I have something for you, but other thoughts keep thinking me.

    I will get around to one eventually, and most likely it will be a very old one. I hope this does not discourage you because I actually enjoy these little assignments. You have a knack for choosing good pictures.

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