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Motivational Muses #16


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9 thoughts on “Motivational Muses #16

  1. Great motivation!
    So now the question is, How to write it so that it makes sense? This coming from a newbie 🙂

    • Good question 🙂 The best thing, I think, is research.

      Although some things have a very slim chance of happening, you may write about it. And that’s okay because some of the best fiction is absolutely original, take 1984 for example. But the way it’s made realistic is making sure all the elements of your plot have a reason why they are there. Make all the subjects agree with each other, don’t make them contradict. In life, things can ‘just’ happen and you can’t even question in it because the results are right in front of you, in fiction, you’ll often have to tell your reader why, otherwise they will have a hard time believing it. Hope that makes sense! Newbie or not, that did make me think a bit 😉

      • Thanks for the clarity. I suppose writing your plot or plots out ahead of times would to see if they agree would help.
        In terms of writing then, when explanations are needed to help the reader understand, just write it directly into story?


    • Oh and your ‘contact me’ thing does work 🙂

  2. Explain only what is necessary. This is when telling, not showing is often most effective, but should only be delivered in a few sentences at a time, or through dialogue or thought for it to be executed in a more original manner. It’s best to write it throughout the story so you’re not piling on a load of information to the reader in one go. 🙂

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