For Aspiring Writers

Picture Prompt #1

How to get going

  • Look at the expressions? What emotions do they hold? Does this help with what tone to write in?
  • Look at the relationship between the characters
  • Whose point of view are you going to write it in?
  • What is the situation?
  • Look at how the clothing can help you with the setting

Share Your Work: 250 words

  • For a challenge, reply below with your response to the picture with a 250 word limit

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4 thoughts on “Picture Prompt #1

  1. Dan-the-Man on said:

    With a bitter gaze, Cliff Richard followed the stride of Becky Langley, the woman with whom vows of marriage were now only distant words of impulsiveness.

    “Daddy,” their daughter Anna whimpered.

    “I know, I know,” he said, the tip of his thumb caressing her pale cheeks. All the red and rosiness had rose up to her innocent five year old eyes.

    * * *

    As Becky entered the woman’s toilets, she failed to reach the cubicle in time and her stomach gave up, an unsightly cluster of grey spewing out of her mouth.

    “You have three months to live, Becky,” the nurse had said. With a rare pessimism, Becky hoped she collapsed, passed out and would never have to breathe again.

  2. [95 words]

    Title: Innocence

    Standing at the feet of her perpetrator,
    Her wee head peeking above my daddy knees,
    My daughter holds the upper hand.
    Tears and sounds that turns the tables
    – that makes her my torturer.

    My arms scoop her up,
    Her hands cling to me.

    My head hangs;
    Her eyes close and relax.

    The dawn arrives with a dark cloud,
    It’s the innocence, I realise
    of my sweetpea.
    She knows not that it is me who made her cry,
    but I am the one who will ease her sorrow.

  3. No matter how young or old a woman may be, the loss of her mother was always one of the most difficult things she would have to face, David thought with a sad smile. Keeping his own emotions in check, he held his daughter tight. Together, they watched as her mothers casket was slowly lowered into the ground …

  4. @Dan-the-Man: Interesting idea and very emotional. I especially loved ‘All the red and rosiness had rose up to her innocent five year old eyes’

    @Kathryn: I loved it, in just very few words, you’ve established a very sad tone and a touching message 🙂

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