For Aspiring Writers

Three Act Structure

There are two types of writers, ones who plan before they write and ones who write spontaneously. The one that is correct is the one that works for you.

Hovering in the middle will give you a benefit to both – by outlining, you’ve given yourself a guideline, minimising the chance of that darned writers block and giving yourself the flexibility to let your creative self go when an idea hits you with a wham.

I actually do remember in primary school that we were taught how to write stories, and we were given the example of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. “Every story has a beginning, middle and end,” my teacher told us. The more posh name for it, as I now know, is the Three Act Structure.

Beginning (approx. 20%) – introduces the lead, story world, opposition and establishes tone

Middle (approx 55%) – adds complexity and depth to the plot, deepens character relationships

End (approx 25%) – ties up loose ends, gives us a sense of resonance

To use this to help plan your story, use the documents below

Three Act Structure Part 1

Three Act Structure Part 2


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